My name is Steve Lutz. I'm a singer-songwriter, guitarist and sometimes bass player, who performs in the Chicago Illinois based band Beta Dogs. I also am a visual artist, teacher, husband and father of two boys. Mostly I'm a human being, trying to continue to grow spiritually and creatively, while balancing the demands of this increasingly complicated world.

I've been writing and performing for over 30 years. I see music as a way to express myself, to connect with others and to connect with something larger than myself. I see myself as a part of a tradition; as a part of something fundamental and life affirming; something much deeper and more powerful than I am. I try to share that energy with others when I perform.

I believe musicians are keepers of a sacred flame. It is our job to keep that flame alive, so that others can come warm themselves by it when they need to. Music provides comfort, sustenance, community and connection. It is a source of strength in difficult times, a way to celebrate life. It is meant to be shared.

I've been fortunate to play in many of Chicago's coolest rooms, with and for some amazing people and I've been lucky to collaborate with some incredible artists, along the way. I have recently recorded an album, with the help of members of The Band of Heathens, a killer Americana/Rock and Roll band out of Austin Texas.

That album is the main reason why I'm building this site. I want to share it with you, because I think it is something worthwhile. I hope you think so too! I'll be adding other music, artwork, photos and videos as time goes on. I'll also be playing in and around Chicago, so check back to see what's happening and come on out- Live music is better!

Peace! Steve