Steve Lutz Takes us to a Higher Plateau with His Latest Single “When You Come Around Here” ...Many artists may try their hand at creating “good vibes” music, yet, Steve Lutz went beyond that with his transcendentally sweet single which has been produced to absolute perfection to allow you to hear the woody, raw organic tones from the instrumentals which sit together in the soundscape. To make When You Come Around Here that little bit more resonant, the lyrics are indulgently charismatic and bring plenty of imagery to the single. ”

Review by Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

...At heart, Steve is a rock musician, but the rock Steve offers is multi-dimensional as he incorporates elements of Americana, Blues and Alt Country into his music. Writing, recording and performing is all about connection for Steve. Whether he is expressing his experiences or tuning into a universal human experience, sharing a moment playing with fellow musicians or moving his listeners/audiences with his words and melodies– it is all part of the larger experience that being a musician encompasses... ”

Sylvie Marie, Indie Spoonful

“... The bands rhythmic sophistication is immediately heard and felt.  This is rock and roll with a groove that smiles because it knows all the musicians are in sync in every way; they are playing on a level that transcends the studio and truly “feeling it” like they are playing in front of a live audience.  Listeners will feel this energy and want to move. 

...This is rock and roll the way we want it. It borrows from the past (you may hear a slight Hendrix vibe), but has a timeless quality that transcends place and time.  It has lyrics you can sing along with and easily relate to.  It has superb, tight musicianship and a singer who is so at home in his craft, that you will feel like you are experiencing the song live in your own living room, yet the recording is extremely polished".

Sylvie Marie, Indie Spoonful

Maybe I'm Your Man


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Beta Dogs Celebrates the release of Maybe I'm Your Man at THE Store, Chicago

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Beta Dogs is Steve's band. Playing shows around Chicago, they bring diverse, ever changing set lists and a loose, fun and improvisational spirit to their performances. Come Check it out!

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